Sunday, 6 October 2013

Archives Hub contributors' workshop

The same week as the digitisation workshop at the Wellcome, I was also able to go on a contributors' workshop organised by Archives Hub, and held at Tate Britain.

I found the day really useful. We covered everything from an introduction to archival cataloguing using the Hub to future developments. Although I've been using the Hub at work for cataloguing our collections (you'll find them listed here) for most of this year, I'd picked up most of it as I went along, so it was great to have an overview, and also the chance to ask questions about areas I hadn't been sure about before.

Tips I picked up included:

  • Making descriptions work effectively online (bearing in mind the person reading them could be anywhere in the world), as well as within the context of your institution.
  • Creating multi-level descriptions (which is going to be SO useful). 
  • Adding digital content.
  • Using Hub descriptions to contribute to subject-based portals
The top tips for cataloguing are very useful, and I was also really excited about a future development of micro-sites, which would allow us to have our own local interface to host our own descriptions. 

I also enjoyed the networking opportunities, the chance to chat about the issues with people in a similar boat over coffee and lunch, and also to meet Bethan Ruddock and Jane Ronson for the first time. I liked the way the day was structured, which gave plenty of time to ask questions and have a go for ourselves. The day gave me plenty of ideas for future developments.

Thank you to Archives Hub, and particularly Bethan and Jane, for such a great and helpful day.

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